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Үнэртэн Бүтээгч Jacques Cavallier-ийн Шилдэг Сүрчигнүүд (2017)Үнэртэн Бүтээгч Jacques Cavallier-ийн Шилдэг Сүрчигнүүд (2017)

Шилдэг Сүрчигнүүд Цуврал 02/05/17 23:33

Renowned perfumers often leave their mark with a single famous creation that changes the industry, but few do so with not one but many different perfumes. Perfumer Jacques Cavallier is just such a figure, having changed our scented world with such industry changers as  Christian Dior’s Midnight Poison , or Issey Miyake’s L’eau d’Issey . He has produced perfumes for houses as famous as Givenchy and Lancôme , designers like Stella McCartney , and niche... (илүүг)

Jacques Cavallier, Creator of Acqua di Gio and L'eau d'Issey gets the Best in Show treatment here at Fragrantica

Шилдэг Сүрчигнүүд Цуврал: Тосон Сүрчигнүүд (2017)Шилдэг Сүрчигнүүд Цуврал: Тосон Сүрчигнүүд (2017)

Шилдэг Сүрчигнүүд Цуврал 01/29/17 23:52

Solid perfume is one of the ways to cut down on liquids when traveling by plane, sheer practicality conforming to airport regulations, but its merits (and history) go beyond just the nifty. The formula of most solid perfumes is sensuously waxy, offering a feeling of pampering and sensuality that is lacking from sprayers but is not as oily or staining as a regular oil. The packaging - from the decadently shiny black zamac cases of Diptyque, to the metal retro lockets by Aftelier and th... (илүүг)

Манай сэтгүүлийн нийтлэгчид Diptyque, Le Labo, Aftelier брэндийн тосон сүрчигнүүдийн талаар сэтгэгдлээ хуваалцав.


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